Should I Work Out On An Empty Stomach?

Absolutely, why not!

It is perfectly fine to work out on an empty stomach regardless if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle!

workout empty stomach

  • Working out on an empty stomach has been long debated.

There are theories whether or not this is good for you, so we are here to provide you with some good information.

Most people have a hard time working out on an empty stomach because of lack of energy.

  • During the night when you sleep, you have already been fasting throughout the whole night, which might make it difficult to work out in the morning.

Well that is exactly why caffeine exists and pre workout drinks! It’s a multi billion dollar industry, for one reason, it gives people energy.

workout empty stomach

If you do not have breakfast, and drink an espresso or pre-workout on an empty stomach, I guarantee you that you will be more than fine with energy!

Is It OK To Lift Weights On An Empty Stomach?

It is definitely ok to lift weights on an empty stomach! Why wouldn’t it be?

  • It’s always the people with no muscle that are scared of losing muscle! That is such crap. Do you understand that fasting actually increases testosterone?

workout empty stomach

If you are trying to get massive and a lot bigger, then I suggest you eat 2-3 meals prior to your workout. 

That DOES NOT mean that you can’t gain muscle if you work out on an empty stomach.

“You will just have more energy, probably a better pump, and your muscles will be fed.”

Working out before you eat is great for fat loss, since your body does not have any energy resources to use other than your fat.

  • One important thing to remember is that once you feel your blood sugar drop, you should end your workout.

workout empty stomach

This means that your body is now saying, it’s time to chew some muscle, and it releases cortisol

Is it Ok To Workout In The Morning On An Empty Stomach?

I would strongly recommend doing the workout in the morning if you are not going to eat.

  • If you try and not eat all day, you are going to have some real issues with energy and working out later in the day.

Are There Benefits To Working Out On An Empty Stomach?

Fasting periodically and working out on an empty stomach will have several benefits.

workout empty stomach

There is nothing in your system for your body to burn, other then fat.

  • So working out first thing in the morning, will get you and should get you the maximum fat loss results.

Of course, there is also muscle that could be lost by working out on an empty stomach, but that is not something you need to be really concerned with.

You won’t be walking into the gym jacked, and leave a skeleton if you work out on an empty stomach, that is a fact.

workout empty stomach

Is It Better To Work Out Before Or After Breakfast?

It really doesn’t matter. If you think one or the other will cause you to look significantly different, you are wrong.

  • You will burn more fat if you work out before breakfast, but it’s not a big enough difference to stress over it.

Whether or not you should eat before a workout only really matters depending on your goals. 

As I previously mentioned, if you are overweight, then sure, work out before breakfast.

workout empty stomach

What Should I Eat 30 Min Before A Workout?

First ask yourself what your goal is.

This is such a broad question. Personally, I will eat nothing before a workout, and I will take a pre-workout drink.

  • This is because I want to burn fat, and I also like to work out that way. My goal is to get lean.

If you just want to have some good energy, I would go with some fruit, as a healthy light weight snack.

gym meme

Whatever you decide to eat before you work out, keep in mind you don’t want to eat anything too heavy.

“This is because your body sends blood to your stomach in order to digest the food. That is called a food coma! “

You feel tired during a food coma because your blood is not in your brain, it’s in your belly!

So if the blood is in your belly, it’s going to have a tough time getting into your muscles.

workout empty stomach

  • This basically means that it will be harder for you get a great pump, if you stuffed yourself with a huge stake and pasta before you work out.

Is Gym Everyday Bad?

No, going to the gym every day is not bad by any means!

“But you should take into consideration that if you are lifting heavy weight every day, it will be a big strain on your body over time, and you should let your body rest.”

  • What you do in the gym, and how much you do makes all of the difference in the world.

If you go to the gym every day and do 20 sets on the bench press, that is absolutely not good for you. 

workout empty stomach

To get more information on that, read our article on workout frequency.

Is It Better To Walk On An Empty Stomach?

Walking on an empty stomach is the same as working out on an empty stomach.

  • People walk for various reasons. Some want to lose weight, and some just want to work up an appetite.

The answer is, it’s not “worse” to walk on an empty stomach. The correct question is…

“will I burn more calories walking on an empty stomach?”

And the answer is yes. Your body will burn more fat when you are in a fasted state.

Does Exercising On An Empty Stomach Burn Muscle?

Not necessarily.

  • The main thing that is going to burn muscle is if you are over training, and also on a crazy diet.

Muscle is the last thing to go in a workout!

fat belly meme

If muscle was lost so easily, can you imagine someone working out on an empty stomach every single day for a year?

Well to tell you the truth, I have done it for years, more like 15 years.

If I lost muscle every single time I worked out because my body does not have food, I would look like a stick figure, and maybe even be dead!

Does that make sense?

  • It’s impossible for you to lose muscle that fast. Your body attacks the fat first!

Your fat does not need to be converted into anything in order to be used as energy, it is ready to go!

Muscle on the other hand, is not energy that is ready to go, that is why fat burns first!

How Long Should I Wait To Exercise After Eating?

It all depends on how you feel. You should wait until you feel good an energized, and not in a food coma.

If you have a full stomach, give it some time to digest the food.

  • Most commonly, as far as the “fitness” industry is concerned, people wait about an hour after eating a meal to work out.

Once again, it all depends on what you eat!

If you eat a banana, you are good to go immediately. It’s a light snack, and it will not make you feel lethargic. 

If you eat something light, you work out at the same time you are eating if you want. The point is, that it really doesn’t matter.

Most things don’t matter, the only thing that matters is your consistency of going to the gym.

When Should I Eat After Working Out?

  • This is also a huge myth.

Latest and greatest scientific research proves that you can actually eat any time of the day as long as you get in the protein that you need.

  • I know that his might be shocker to you, but it’s true.

You DO NOT have to eat in a certain window after working out.

  • Do I think it’s good to eat in that window in order to burn off more calories, yes. Do I think it’s super important to do that to grow muscle, NO!

Once you are done working out, your metabolism is increased, so you can get away with eating stuff that is more high calorie.

For example, if you eat a pizza immediately after working out, it will be burned off by your body much faster than if you ate it at 7 pm, 5 hours after your training.

This is just advice, do whatever the hell you want!



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