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Workout Frequency MORE IS BETTER, DO MORE!

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Workout Frequency Eliminates Overtraining You Meathead!

Workout frequency eliminates overtraining, if you do it correctly! Remember the days your high school coach told you to go lift weights right after you finished practice? Also on an empty stomach?

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Yes, that was stupid and those days are gone. But in regards to overtraining, please know, that your entire workout, is someone’s warmup. (Read the truth about biceps)

Is it OK to workout every day?

It has been long written about that you should do one body part per week, or at most, twice a week. Why? Because your body needs time to recover, and you need time to grow.

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  • Well let me ask you this, why are steroids so popular? Because the things we are doing today are not working for natural people who want to get in shape.

Why do people practice as sport every day, but not muscle building? Latest studies have shown, by Dr. Jacob Wilson that training a body part every day, with lower volume, generates far better results.

Far better than doing 15-20 sets per body part once a week. (This is why you can work out every day!)

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The results are astonishing. Gains on average are 30% higher when you increase frequency and lower volume.

As he says, instead of doing 20 sets on Monday for chest as an example, doing 4 sets 5 days a week would get you much better results.

  • But keep in mind that research shows, doing lets say 20 sets per day, can lead to injury, strength and muscle loss, and also overtraining. Try this out, it really does work.

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How many times should I workout a week?

A work out each day can consist of 4-5 sets per body part each day with very intense high reps (12-15 reps per set) per set.

  • Push ups, pull ups, curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises for shoulders, and lunges for legs.

With a good diet, you will get better results training this way. But of course, if you are on steroids, any workout is going to work.

Workout frequency

As Dr. Jacob Wilson says, as you age, the window of protein synthesis gets smaller and smaller, and after you hit your 30’s, it can only last about 8 hours.

What does that mean? It means that you stop growing after 8 hours, period. Once again, please keep in mind, people might disagree, and most of those people are on steroids or just not informed.

  • So with an 8 hour window, all you need to do is stimulate growth by doing a handful of sets, and this will allow you to more than recover by the next day to perform the same exercise.

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How Often Should You Exercise per Week to Lose Weight?

Gymnasts train twice a day and sometimes 3 times a day. I suggest that anyone who wants to gain some quality knowledge, follows Dr. Jacob Wilson, he is at the top of his game in regards to muscle building research.

  • That said, you should workout out about 6 days a week if not 7 in order to lose weight, and gain muscle as well.

If you are not overtraining, you should be more than fine. You should also take a week off every few months to rest your body, or just take a day off when you feel worn out.



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