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Meet The Worlds STRANGEST BODYBUILDER, This Is Sasha Shpak!

worlds strangest bodybuilder

Sasha Shpak Is The Strange To Say The Least!

What could posibly be going on is Sasha Shpak’s head?

Body modification, and bodybuilding usually do not mix. In general, somebody who becomes this weird is screaming for attention.

  • There is plenty of weird bodybuilders out there, but this guy takes the cake.

“People today are doing anything and everything to be different, end especially to get noticed on social media. This guy has definitely got a lot of attention in the fitness world, and also on social media.”

Why, Because Sasha Shapak Is Super Weird!

Not sure what look he is going for here, but let’s check him out…

Sasha Shpak WIFE!

Russian bodybuilder who is popularly known for his video content alongside his wife on his @aleksander.shpak Instagram account.

You have to admit, that he did pretty damn good with his wife considering what Sasha looks like.

  • In general, he would be lucky to marry a goat looking like that with those tattoo’s and teeth.

sasha shpak

Sasha published content on YouTube as well. 

  • SASHA Shpak was once arrested for allegedly dealing in anabolic steroids at his Russian gym.

Which is definitely not a surprise! He grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  • Sasha created a side YouTube channel to publish his live Periscope streams. This guys has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram. He is frequently seen alongside his wife in all of his social media endeavors. He has a sister named Natalia.

Sasha’s Tattoo’s Ain’t That Great Either

  • Let’s move to the lower half of his body, which is also not that impressive.

sasha shpak bodybuilder

Everybody has their own cup of tea, but you have to admit, this dude is just weird.

I have nothing against bodybuilding and tattoo’s, but when you get into body modifications, that is something totally different. I think he looks like an absolute idiot and has major issues. 


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